Dispose It Guard

Food Waste Disposer – Sink Garbage Disposal – Sink Disposer – Garbage Disposal – Sink Disposal – Garbage Disposer

No matter what you call it, if you have one you shouldn’t be without a Dispose-It-Guard®

Safety & Convenience Made Simple®

Dispose-It-Guard ® is a garbage disposal accessory which can be used as
a sink stopper, sink strainer, safety poker, and sink scraper all in one.

An all-in-one tool that guards against garbage disposal mishaps.

Designed to fit snugly in any standard sink, it protects hands from garbage disposal blades and prevents unwanted objects from falling in disposal drain. This garbage disposal accessory scrapes food off plates and safely pushes it into garbage disposal, keeping hands clean and safe. Scraper is made of rubber to prevent scratching any surface and designed to never reach disposer blades, so it is safe to use while running garbage disposal.

Guards Disposal 24/7 – Leaving Dispose-It-Guard® in place as a strainer will give you peace of mind, knowing nothing will fall into disposal accidentally – dish rags, sponges, silverware, etc. – so it is safe to run disposer when needed.

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