In August 2004, I was teaching children to cook their favorite dishes/meals

 I was helping them peel all the veggies into the sink, which had a disposal. Then I, as many people do, turned on the faucet and the disposal, and used my hand and fingers to push the discarded food into the disposal. I looked up and the children were watching what I was doing. It frightened me! Their hands were small enough to go all the way into the disposal! I told them to never, ever do what I did. So I went to purchase something to use, a utensil designed for this purpose that children, I or anyone could use. I went to all the stores, large and small. I could not find anything, anywhere. Then I checked the catalogs and the internet. Nothing! So, I took a survey asking people, what do they use? To my surprise, the only three answers were my fingers, a wooden spoon or any utensil (fork, knife or spoon) that was lying in the sink. So, I made proto-types until I came up with a working, functional, and easy to use device, that put safety and convenience first! “Dispose-it-Guard” was born. Now my next action was to make Dispose-It-Guard® for everyone’s use, while making it affordable and reliable, and so easy, that a child can use it! So goes our Trademark Names and Our Mission.

With True Sincerity,
T.J. Dombrowski
Disposal Guard Inc.
Elk Grove Village

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